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I eat at night
and overuse "like a boss" + "stfu."

Me like.

Fine! Here: 941210. seventeen. canada. vietnamese.
i listen to slow melody / acoustic. 이승기, 노민우.
nutmelon@nutang. major in environmental planning.
save the earth! don't litter.

Yummy sushi rolls

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Silence is the way

Update: Engineering and Single.
Tuesday. 1.14.14 5:06 pm
Engineering is killing me. I was gonna' quit school but I decided to switch from Biology to Engineering.

Also, my boyfriend dumped me for his roommate. His exact words were:

"As a girlfriend you're okay... But as a wife..."

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Wednesday. 1.2.13 9:55 pm
[RANT] I recently found boyfriend's tumblr and told him about it.

He made a big deal about me looking through it when it's a public blog with some of his friends able to browse through it. I don't know why but I'm kind of offended that he wouldn't let me view it but his friends are able to browse it. Sucks to know that I'm not even at the same level as his friends. :/ I've known him for 8 years though...

Whatever. I never browsed it and never cared for it. You know what, I don't give a shit about what he thinks. Why the fuck should I care. I don't know why this is pissing me off but it is. I may be irrational right now but ffffffuuuuuu. NO ONE knows about this blog. NO ONE I know in real life. But if I allow certain people in real life to read it, one of them would definitely be my significant boyfriend. Maybe that's just me though. [/RANT]

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It's my loan though...
Tuesday. 8.21.12 12:57 am
Government is giving me 14k for school.
I don't need mom to pay money for school.
Now she wants to 'borrow' my 14k and will give it back within four years.
I want to put 7k (loan amount, the rest is grant) into a Savings account to return to the government.

It's my loan. I'm not asking her to pay a SINGLE cent to my tuition. Now she's mad at me. Wtf.

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Updaaatteee on Life.
Friday. 7.27.12 10:24 pm
So instead of dropping out I was finally able to switch into Biology (Co-op). Yay.

I thank all of the undergrad officers that tried their best to help me hahaha.

On the other hand, my relationship with Ryan has been rocky lately. I really don't like it when he's mean to me for no reason. I'm really greedy. I want him to think of me first all the time and when his anger gets over him and he lashes it out on me, it just kinda hurts D:

I confronted him about it and cried like a baby. Damn. Well there goes that lol. I also made him go away 'cause I didn't want to talk to him and he bought me a sundae and chips. Sighs. That stopped me from crying. I hate how food always goes between my will and my primal instinct. I NEED TO CRY. Y FOOD, Y, Y YU SO GOOD YU STOP ME FROM CRYING.

I don't want to breakup. Nope. No no no. Damn it. Be more stubborn, Anna. Your indecisiveness hurts everyone.

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